The invented World – part II

In the present time where the everyday life is determined on stress and where everything is not always as easy as it should be, people love to flee from the reality: To places without crime and without violence. To places without dirt and without garbage. To places where people can forget their big and small sorrows for a moment. To places that feel like a fairytale world or a Hollywood movie.

I am talking about amusement parks, zoological gardens, water parks and the like. Artificially constructed worlds which were built by people for people and were established to attract visitors.

In Germany there are more than 75 amusement parks and more than 190 zoos.

My project is a photographic work which is still in progress. I would like to take pictures of amusement parks, zoos and other contrived sceneries under the point of view of the artificiality of these created worlds. I would like to see whether the visitors become a part of this big staging, whether they notice that these artificial worlds lack any authenticity or whether they simply acclimatise, adapt themselves to this fictitious world and get involved in the illusions.